Sunday, March 11, 2012

When Azaleas Bloomed


When the Azaleas bloom along the river bank

of Twilight River, my memories flow swiftly

inundating my attention,

All his sweet passionate kisses get honorable mention.

Young love bloomed as the Azaleas did there in those

wondrous times wavering softly with the sweet

Southern breeze,

We walked along the grassy river bank holding hands, while

he kissed each finger with those wonderful lips----

with such ease.

A young heart knows when it is loved with all a young lover

is capable of giving,

We knew this was a special time for us---and not truly living.

It was our place to share with no one else—as if God

made this beautiful homage for pure and

precious love,

Because then all his birds sang joyous tunes, even a mourning dove.

Shadows and light dance upon the coolness of the grass----as

the evening sunlight sieved and blinked through the Old Oak


When we reached our picnic spot, he fell upon one knee.

It was then and there I heard the Angels sing,

My Darling Sweetheart gave me a ruby ring.

But our love would never be,

as my parents said he was too old for me.

I cried and pleaded to no avail, ----the verdict

was sealed,

My friends and relatives think even now---my pain is healed.

It is silent today, and the brightly colored Azaleas

which once bloomed, are dead,

Their lifeless bushes are withered and strewn

beside the river bed.

The once raving river flows gently as I walked

alone with a heavy heart---- upon our special  

path and place of long ago,

I feel the pain afresh---when my parents said, “No.”

No birds sang their song to me, not one dove did I see,

Forever, my love will exist as each drop of blood streams

through my heart; I know my heart will never be free.

Because my precious Darling was the only man for me.

© BEPH  2012

PurvisBobbi44 is the sole author of this poem and if it is seen anywhere else on
the Internet or in print it was taken without my consent.

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