Thursday, October 4, 2012

Walk Slowly and Wait for Me

I heard my mother say that dreadful day,

When in 1805 my father was taken away.

As we stood on the frozen Georgia ground,

I hear her say, “Walk slowly and wait for me”

it was a tearful sound,

“For I know.” she said---“My Darling you are

Heaven bound.”

An Indian raid upon our land took my father away--- a very

kind and loving man,

Together the family stood around the snow covered grave

to hear the bagpipes sound---for his Scottish Clan.

The bagpipe music is the saddest sound on this earth,

It bounces off one’s heart--- to give the soul a rebirth.

My mother tears were non-stopable that day,

When destiny marched on this icy Georgia ground---

 to make this his eternal bed--- because death

took my dad away.

No more hugs, smiles or sweet looks from his blue eyes,

No more---“Daughter, I have a big surprise.”

His Texas Leopard dog, “King” did not leave his grave,

He grieved for his master who was so brave.

My life will forever be changed, no father---

no more,

On our happiness--- fate has shut the door.

I will be compassionate for my mother,

And she will need me and my brother.

I will forever hear her say,” Walk slowly and wait for me.”

I will follow behind you my darling, you will see.”

© BEPH  2012  All Rights Reserved

PurvisBobbi44 is the sole author of this poem and if it is seen anywhere else on
the Internet or in print it was taken without my consent.

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