Friday, May 17, 2013

Youth Revisited


I can hear Mama calling me over the tree tops,
Come home Rebecca---no in-between stops.

I told my friends on the next farm--- good-bye,

And as I walked home so happy and tired I could die.

The dirt road was hot in the summer heat,

But the warm sand felt good between my toes and feet.

My old dress is raggedy and torn,

My favorite farm dress---made me look forlorn.

My long blonde hair in pigtails down past my waist,

Mama called again---I made haste.

Papa came in from the fields,

He was followed by my brothers on his heels.

Our farm house was larger than most,

It gave an air of its country host.

Mama’s roses surround the house,

Papa smiled but---he was quite as a mouse.

He always kissed Mama when he came home,

They always held hands when they were alone.

So I am sixteen and the year is 1910,

Will I find someone to love again?

My boyfriend on the next farm,

Was boring---he lacked charm.

My brothers give guys the “Evil Eye”

Before they can say “Hello” it is “Bye.”

Now I will go to college Pa said,

I will go with my two brothers---Joe and Fred.

Who said being young was the thing,

I tell you this ---it does not make me sing.

Will I look back one day and state?

Those were the best days of my life---better not temp fate.

© BEPH  2013 All Rights Reserved

PurvisBobbi44 is the sole author of this poem and if it is seen anywhere else on
the Internet or in print it was taken without my consent.

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