Saturday, August 17, 2013

Summer Time Romance

The end of summer fun was drawing near,
Reflection of this brought her fear.

As she would never see him in college in the fall,
His beautiful dark eyes that followed her down the hall.

She would be gone and so would he,
And her heart would not be free.

He was off to play pro football, many states away,
Will he ask her to wait? Or say he will call her every day?

Tonight was their last date and she hopes it ends with joy,
Or has she been his summer toy?

He arrived at seven as he always did,
She hoped her face was showing happiness and her fears were hid.

He kissed her hand in front of her Dad,
Her Dad thought he was a brave lad.

They joined others for a last night fling,
With slow dancing so close and sweet as their
bodies swayed and touched,
While in her ear he did softly sing.

Too soon it time to go and home they went,
What had this last date meant?

He walked her to the door and softly kissed her good-night,
Then he said I will be home for Christmas---maybe I will see you then,
Yes—I might.
Then he walked down the sidewalk and did not look back,
Five months before Christmas, no promised call, her heart was bruised---
As if it were attack.

No man mistreats me like this---Mr. Pro Football,
I am never home for you and will not answer if you call.

No more summer romances,
For me, or no more slow dances.

I will be a popular college freshman and never serious,
I will remain happy but mysterious.

No more giving my heart to an uncouth jerk,
I will stay unattached, study and work.

My man will come into my light one day,
And then I will not need to wait,
Because he will love me right away.

So, don’t waste a moment of being unappreciated,
He who loses is the one who hesitated.

© BEPH 2013 All Rights Reserved

PurvisBobbi44 is the sole author of this poem and if it is seen anywhere else on
the Internet or in print it was taken without my consent.

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