Friday, October 17, 2014

Autumn: My Love Memories

 I Remember His Handsome Face and Beautiful Blue Eyes

When the coolness touches my skin, I recall the days
which lives within my heart waiting to appear each
year to warm and caress what should've been.

And, I cried for each year that came and went, although
I waited for him, his ascendance I could not resent.

My skin recalled each infinitesimal touch of his fingertips
all the way to my lips, lips that he mastered and are no longer
just mine, they wait and tremble for his touch so divine.

Life is not a fair game to play because it will win and take away,
because of its greedy need for conquest just to show us who is best.

He answered his country’s call and I watched him march away in
the uniform of the day, and his words were soft whispers of goodbye
broke my heart,
because we would forever be apart.

I felt when he left he would never return, and I stood with the Autumn
coolness like icy fingers of wind blowing repeatedly against my skin.

Tears inundated my face and wetness slightly frozen there and for me
it never ended,
and the only solace I could find lay within my belly to appear in due time.

He never knew what he had left behind, and I could not tell him as it
would be too much on his heart to grieve because he still had to leave.

Many Autumns caressed my old wrinkled face,                   
but I will never leave our special Autumn place,
where first love,was born beneath the Cedar Trees
and our grandchildren play in the hues of Autumn leaves.

Walk slowly my Darling, and soon I will be by your side
 to hold your hand with great pride.

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