Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I Heard His Whispers in the Wind

In the early pre-dawn I sit overlooking the salty
white caps push against the beach,
While little babies in their soft beds are still sleeping---dreaming of things out-of-reach.

I wondered about the children we never had,
Not to be crude so early---but my heart is sad.

Slowly I walked along the shore,
Cool sea water covered my footprint as I make more.

The sea is angry this morn,
It was the same when he was born.

My Darling Zachary with his dark wavy hair and eyes of blue,

He said to me: “I will always be true.”

The dark skies threatened, while rain clouds rolled
across the sky,
Still his ship left with him---after his last goodbye.

I stood upon the huge rocks and waved until the lightning flashed,

His ship sailed out of sight, and I prayed it had not crashed.

The  lonely days turned into years,                                   
My heart was broken---but I had no tears.

One star-studded night I walked the beach when all but the sea was silent,
The winds became strong----pushing through the big Palm Tree fronds---turning violent.

Then for the first time I heard his whispers in the wind,
My heart stopped---I listened and heard as the wind and
whispers blend.

“Come to me my Darling where the wind blows strongest
from the sea,
there under the Palm Trees you will see me.”

I followed the a seashell path to the huge boulders overlooking
many ships floating like leaves being tossed about,

Turing I saw a grey form in the shadows and I gave him a shout.

Zachary’s spirit was young---and his form----an odd shade of grey,
He said every spirit appeared this way.

Until he took my hand I was 85,
I felt very lucky to be alive.

He kissed me and I was nineteen once more,
Suddenly—I was young without white hair and wrinkles galore.

My eyes sparkled with a happy shine,
Because Zachary was once again---mine.

He took me to his ship moored near a cove,
Having my Zachary was my Treasure Trove.

We have sailed many seas,
My Darling Zachary, our babies and me.

Live is never over---there are other chapters to live,
Cherish the present---and the future will give.

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