Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My Choice

Rays of Light,
Flickers bright,
Morning delight,
Goodbye night,

A little Dove,
Nest above,

All Fluffy and white,
I stay tonight,

My Teddy Bears,
Stuffed in my chairs,

Warm fireplace blazing,
Life is so amazing,

My fluttering heart,
Because we are apart,

A ticking clock,,
I will meet him on the dock.

He is my Sailor boy,
Or maybe my toy,

The Choice is mine,,
I might decline,
And just drink my wine,
While I redirect my mind.

Then in time, all is well,
And if you lie, you go to Hell.,

If love is stolen it is a sin,
Aren’t there other men,

Who live within our heart,
But miles apart,

Of the Love you desire,
My soul is on fire,

But then again,
There are many men,
Of different voice,

I will take my choice,
But I can’t compete,
It would be a defeat,

But for all the rest,
I tried my best.

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