Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A Father's Day with His Beautiful Triplets

Matty, Mary and Maxwell (Max) the eight (8) year old triplets of Senator Michael Paxton and his late wife Milly, were only five when they lost their mother. Milly Paxton died from cardiovascular disease. This disease left Michael a single father with triplets.

The loss of a wife and mother left a deep void in Senator Paxton and the triplets' heart, and the sadness never completely faded away. 

There were always reminders lingering in one's heart; waiting to surface at any moment a memory of their mother, and Michael's wife's recalled. Milly's photos still decorated the home; Michael had his favorite photo of Milly by his bed, so his eyes could caress every inch of her face, before he turned his light out at night.

Michael was one of the busiest men that lived on Brown Bear Terrace because he took the privilege of being a father very seriously that is why he was home every night possible. If he couldn't make it by dinner, his sweet mother was there with the children because she had moved in after Milly died.

His mother was his Angel, and such a blessing she was to him and his children. The triplets were three of the happiest, healthiest bundles of jumping and laughing little blond-haired and blue-eyed Angels, in Alaska, and Michael was so proud of them; they were just like their beautiful mother.

Oh, yes, they were Angels, because their daddy said so, and their granny agreed. Senator Michael Paxton was a tall man, who was very strikingly handsome with black hair and blue eyes the color of an angry sea; complemented by his olive complexion. Which is the reason many women noticed him wherever he appeared--their eyes followed him until he was out of sight.

Michael did not take notice of anything or anyone, but his family and his job as a senator. He knew how important it was being a father, and tried, but could not fill the role of a mother to the precious gifts God had given him and his Milly.

The triplets, aka "The Missionaries" by friends and neighbors because they tried to help everyone; by invitation or not. Matty, Mary and Max were all sitting closely together on pillows in front of the fireplace, when their granny brought in hot chocolate for them. It was still chilly in Anchorage, in June, and especially when the sun finally went down.

When they had a plan, they were the happiest. A plan to make someone else happy seems to be their God-given talent. The triplets had invited their favorite teacher to dinner on Sunday, because they loved her and so did their granny. However, their dad had not met Miss Victoria Fleming, a fact they were very aware of as they smiled and giggled.

Victoria Fleming was 5'6" tall, with a fabulous figure; she had long black curly hair; with long black eyelashes that accented her beautiful amber eyes. Most men noticed--her beauty captured their attention when she walked into a room, but she was only aware of her children as she called them.

She was concerned with how well-adjusted and happy they were outside school. She frequently had groups visiting different areas of the state of Alaska, with their mothers volunteering as helpers. She felt that the beautiful Alaskan outdoors would cure any little issue the children might have going on in their lives.

And, school was out for the summer, so she would donate some time for her children. Her class of eight year old students had just completed a trip to the Gold Rush National Historical Park. And, now she was planning another trip for them next week, but this time she would need the help of the fathers. As they would be going to tour the Salmon Processing Plants and Canneries of Alaska, and the support of the fathers would help ease her mind.

On this beautiful Alaskan Sunday morning, Victoria Fleming found herself waiting for the door to open, as she had just rang the doorbell. She received a loud welcome as the triplets opened the double doors to their home. Mary gently took her hand, and they followed Matty and Max into the library where their dad and granny waited.

Michael had his back towards the door and didn't notice when the four of them entered the library, but granny did, and she smiled and went over to greet their guest. "Michael, son our guest has arrived." said his mother in her motherly voice. She waited for her son to turn around and see their guest, as well as Mary, Matty and Max, they all waited with smiles.

When Michael turned around he had his hand out to shake hands with their teacher, but froze when he saw Victoria. When Victoria smiled her dimples con-caved deeply to enhance her beautiful face, as she extended her hand.

Hands touched and eyes searched, and time stood still for them both, as granny and the triplets smiled and hugged each other. Michael finally cleared his throat, and released her hand regrettably, and welcomed Victoria to their home.

The triplets giggled because they knew one day soon; their home would have a new resident. Then, they all said: "Happy Father's Day, senator." What a great day they all thought---even Victoria.

It was in late summer when Michael and Victoria became husband and wife, with the most beautiful three little flower girls their community had ever witnessed. The triplets were half walking and half skipping as they sprinkled lavender rose petals on the church carpet.

About five minutes before Victoria walked behind them on her father's arm. The triplets almost out-shined the bride; they were not quite old enough to do it-- this time. Victoria wore a gown from Paris, designed by her friend, Collyns, who had her shop there, and wanted to give it to Victoria as a friendship gift.

The gown beautifully made of silk and French Lace, with white rose buds made out of pearls, decorated the skirt of the gown. The train glimmered with lace and diamonds embedded in the tiniest pearl rose buds. In her hair she wore pearl roses with diamonds, and her jewelry matched her gown. Her shoes were clear and white and very understated, not to outshine her gown.

Four months later, Victoria was going to be a mother of just one baby, a little boy. And, the family went to Hawaii to celebrate the wonderful news that a little brother was on his way.

The triplets had already made plans about whom and what books would be read to their little brother. What a great time was ahead for everyone.

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