Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Lavender Roses for Mama

When the scorching Florida air,
Turns cool---I recall memories
of long ago to share.

I walk through the amber, orange
and golden leaves to visit Mama
---my Mother,
Listening to the sounds of the quietness
---alone without another.

I hold her bouquet so tightly
in my hand, to keep the
sadness at bay,
Because today is a special day,
it is her “Birthday.”

I bring her flowers for every occasion,
or just because I want to be near her,
I place them in front of her cold
tombstone---a token of love from
---her sweet girl,
Now my eyes are so full---my sight
is a blur.

“Mama, I know your spirit is around
me and not under the hard
cold ground,
And one day I will hear your beautiful
voice when it makes a welcoming

My spirit will be with yours in a wonderful place,
Where love triumphs and we are all one race.

Until then Mama I can only show you my
love by placing your favorite lavender
Roses on the cold ground,
In front of the engraved stone with your
name---then the silence is broken with
only my crying sound.

It is never easy to come here,
But this is where I feel her near.

I felt her strong spirit as I knelt to pray,
Warmth surrounds me to keep the icy wind at bay.

It makes me sad to go,
And this I will forever know,
She is now smiling surrounded with a Heavenly glow.
“Happy Birthday Mama”
It’s getting dark---I have to go,
Bye Mama---I love you so.

My Mother
God took the sunshine from the skies,
And made the love light in her eyes,

And he gave her breath and made her divine,
But best of all he made her mine.

My Loving Mother--- she has gone,
She asked us all to follow on.

She said---Work for Jesus while you can,
Then meet me over in Glory Land.

I will come back for you my Dear,
And to my heart I will hold you near.

But until it is your time to leave this earth behind,

Please share with others and always be kind.
© BEPH 2015 All Rights Reserved

PurvisBobbi44 is the sole author of this article and if it is seen anywhere
else on the Internet or in print it was taken without my consent. 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Should I Stay or Go?

Should I Stay or Go?

When he comes home late,

Why do I always wait?

Because he will start a debate,

This side of him I hate.


I know it is not overtime he was making,

His tired look---well he was faking,

His worn-out excuses---I am not taking,

No---do you see my head is shaking.


He is not wearing the same shirt,

What happened did he fall into the dirt?

Or did he get a Boo-Boo, he is not hurt,

Maybe he is a story telling squirt.


I rest with---what goes around comes around again,

Maybe even kick him in the chin,

And now he asks me where I have been,

This battle I will surely win,


PurvisBobbi44 is the sole author of this article and if it is seen anywhere else on the Internet or in print it was taken without my consent.