Monday, March 23, 2015

Milk Maid Stella

Milk maid Stella is always looking for a fellow,
You can hear her calling her milk cows in her country bellow,
No guys ever asked her out---mostly because they were yellow.

No chicken-hearted man for me,
I want one, who can just be,
And it has to be a real he.

So early every morn---she walks through the wheat and corn,
To search to see if a new calf is born,
And if it is---her heart is torn.

Whether to sell it or keep it near,
Each sweet little calf makes her heart cheer,
And to the safe barn he is taken--- because coyotes she does fear.

Now country life is her heaven,
All her brothers counts as seven,
Now Milk maid Stella is ten plus eleven.

So it is time she took a fellow,
Family is hoping she will mellow,
And maybe stop her loud bellow.

Family ponders if there is one so brave,
He cannot be a knave,
And they cannot live in a cave.

So after years on---pondering,
The family’s time was--- squandering,
So Stella’s mate must be---wandering.

So the seven brothers travel the country side,
Looking to make Sister Stella a bride,
But none of the men--- she would abide.

So now Stella can still---be heard bellowing,
And no---she is not mellowing,
Her White Wedding dress---is now yellowing.

PurvisBobbi44 is the sole author of these poems and if they are seen anywhere else on the Internet or in print it was taken without my consent.
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Monday, March 2, 2015

My Dictionary of Love

What is love?
Does it come from above?
Well---maybe kind of.

Look it up Mama said,
I will hear these words long after I am dead.
And then she said---sound the word out---
more words to dread.                                                               

Love is from the heart,
No need of a computer search to start.
Be considerate and be smart.

Love will appear on your heart’s drive,
And stay there forever---to thrive,
Communication and attention will keep it alive.

Does Love begin with a look?
You may have read that in a book,
But sometimes a look---is the hook.
True Love is germinated,
Like a hard drive cannot be terminated,
But hesitation can exterminate.

Can you Love more than once?
Love does not count---when the seed
is planted it is done.

Then it is your time to have fun,
Walk down the beach and kiss in the sun.

Will I feel his Love in a kiss?
Maybe not at first,
A kiss is like a great play---essential to be rehearsed,
Practice--- as your lips for his---will truly thirst.

A kiss links to the heart,
To tell the mind it is its turn---I have done my part,
Then emotions will begin to chart.

Love is holding hands and being near,
It shines in one’s eyes---and the feeling is dear,
The beginning of Love is clear.

Will Love last forever?
It can be unending,
Love needs attending.

What if Love is broken?
Of that the Angels have spoken,
Two hearts of Love is Heaven’s token.

Love’s pseudonym is infatuation,
Sort this out fast without hesitation,
It could become your damnation.

Love seeks true hearts with openness,
Filled with Love in ampleness,
Making life so copiousness.

Life without Love is a tanged knot,
Without Love you are what?
Not even a number---just maybe a spot.

Search for Love in every moment of the day,
Because someone told me---it is coming your way,
Now what do you have to say?

Search the Urban Dictionary,
If you ever want to marry.

Was your love sent from above?
"Get a Dictionary of Love."

Mama Said
Did your Mama tell you true love
comes many times?
Or, did she say the right one made
your heart chime?

No matter what age it appears,
One should give cheers.
For however short it will be,

Love is like an angry sea.
It will inundate one with its many
Then leave you dry-docked enfolded
in its salty arms.

One can whimper like a stranded pup,
Or wash yourself off and stand up.

Life gives us many loves,
It is sent sometimes on the wings of
snow-white doves.

So one can choose to love them or
leave them,
Or keep one---like a fine gem.

You are the master of your choice,
Listen to your own voice.
© Bobbi Purvis Hunter 2013 All Rights Reserved
PurvisBobbi44 is the sole author of this poem and if it is seen anywhere else on the Internet or in print it was taken without my consent.