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Saturday, January 28, 2017

She Dreamed Him to Her

Her content life now lonely,
He was gone,
No one to say “Hello” when she came home,

No goodbyes when she left the house,
Everything quiet as a mouse.

Her little dog also died,

She fell asleep at night as she cried.

One morning she awoke from a wondrous dream,

She’d met a stranger it seemed.

They danced under the brilliant stars at a picnic in the park,

He held her close during the waltz—she wondered if it was real or a lark.

His black hair gleamed in the moonlight,

His eyes baby blue shone so bright.

Eyes that measured and caressed her face,

His lips hovered in her space.

Her heart palpitated as butterflies flew inside,

This only happened once before--when she was
a young bride.

Her youth now seemed to fade,

Like an old thorny bush growing in the shade.

Her heart still young and ready for love,

Fluttered inside her like a captured dove.

The music played until the sun peaked over
the mountain,

He drew her closer as his lips mastered her by
the Angel fountain.

The kiss lasted forever it seemed,

Until, the morning sunlight in her eyes beamed.

The dream left her filled with joy and her heart
radiated in her chest,

She’d dreamed a lover for sure, and he proved
the best.

Now, every day she returned home—she no longer
felt alone,

He waited for her when she fell asleep—this secret
will never be known.

Her friends and relatives wondered who had made
her happy once more,

She hurried with her dinner, then prepared for bed
and closed her bedroom door.

When sleep took her away to dreamland where he waited,

His soft full lips kissed inside her wrist where her heart
pulse rated.

Then he pulled her so close their bodies melted into one,

His lips controlled their kiss, as she slipped slowly into a
Heavenly bliss—he had won.

Their love flourished and her happiness filled her days,

The night was theirs­ he made their love ablaze.

Now, she was lonely no more,

Real or fantasy-he was all she prayer and asked for.

© BEPH 2017 All Rights Reserved

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