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Friday, December 23, 2016

Memories are Knocking, Darling

Memories are knocking at my heart’s door,

Of so long ago and still my heart wants more.


Will I open my heart and let them in?

Or will I end them before they begin?


I can still see his beautiful eyes as they caressed my face.

Does passion lay dormant in my heart’s space?


Will I deny the memories so sweet and dear?

Recalling his lips as they came so near.


They mastered our kiss and held mine captive,

Our passion like lava became hot and active.


My body still feels his hands as they traveled gently and hesitated; here and there,

I forgot to breathe, as his lips made mine swear.


Memories of that first love so long ago,

Still my heart wants to recall, but my mind says “No!”


Time is not relevant when love passes a heart,

And, memory knocks on its door saying-- I didn’t want us to part.


Love is sometimes wasted on the young—so unappreciated,

When memories are revisited and a heart wants to be sated.

Hold these remembrances ever so gently and let

your past be celebrated.


Where are you tonight my Darling? Are these memories knocking on

your heart’s door?

Will you still remember me forever more?



© BEPH 12/23/2016 All Rights Reserved
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