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Friday, December 23, 2016

Memories are Knocking, Darling

Memories are knocking at my heart’s door,

Of so long ago and still my heart wants more.


Will I open my heart and let them in?

Or will I end them before they begin?


I can still see his beautiful eyes as they caressed my face.

Does passion lay dormant in my heart’s space?


Will I deny the memories so sweet and dear?

Recalling his lips as they came so near.


They mastered our kiss and held mine captive,

Our passion like lava became hot and active.


My body still feels his hands as they traveled gently and hesitated; here and there,

I forgot to breathe, as his lips made mine swear.


Memories of that first love so long ago,

Still my heart wants to recall, but my mind says “No!”


Time is not relevant when love passes a heart,

And, memory knocks on its door saying-- I didn’t want us to part.


Love is sometimes wasted on the young—so unappreciated,

When memories are revisited and a heart wants to be sated.

Hold these remembrances ever so gently and let

your past be celebrated.


Where are you tonight my Darling? Are these memories knocking on

your heart’s door?

Will you still remember me forever more?



© BEPH 12/23/2016 All Rights Reserved
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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Spiraling Memories Recalled

Swirling sands of time

quickly filtering through my mind,

inundating my heart with memories of

sadness and happiness intertwined.

Seeds of remembrance germinated,

introducing tears not waited.

My skin recoils but still recalling,

his sweet kisses were not stalling.

Can such prominence overwhelm a heart

with such titillation?

noting his masterful lips were high station.

He waited not for my displeasure,

as I always gave with full measure.

My words bounced off him without a sound,

as he slowing laid me on the ground.

With warriors waiting on mounts,

he gave not thought---only recounts.

Of his great love safely in his chest,

waiting for his return to test.

He never gave up his warrior heart,

to the enemy---even in death did it depart.

The day his men brought him home,

my heart died---for now it was alone.

I cleansed the blood from his sword,

and emptied sweet red wine from his gourd.

I kept his gourd and traced where once

his sweet lips drank,

my fingertips were frank.

Such memories I could bury deep,

if our son did not resemble him asleep.

Of all the gifts he gave,

I love only my little warrior brave.

Time is the enemy of all mankind,

ticking away with no design.

I crave the journeys we had eons ago,

even in the blizzards and deep snow.

He wrapped me deep in furs with my

naked body next to his,

to keep us warm and alive---no shame---just is.

Many trips and miles roamed,

now I crave him homed.

Dust to dust we are born then die,

with never time to say a full goodbye.

Now living for my child,

I will see you my darling in a little while.

When he is a man so strong,

he will not feel wrong,

when his mother is gone.

So only then will I come to where I belong,

happily singing our love song.

© BEPH 2013 All Rights Reserved

PurvisBobbi44 is the sole author of this poem and if it is seen anywhere else on
the Internet or in print it was taken without my consent.

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