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Saturday, December 13, 2014

A Voice in the Cemetery

The sky was ink black as a storm was looming,
My walk in the cemetery was dark and the torrid heat was consuming.

As I knelt placing flowers on my mother’s grave,
I heard someone speaking in the distance talking softly in a young voice,
I could not stay long with my Mother on this day,
because I had no choice.

I had to know where and why was
that sweet tearful sound,
That left me spell-bound.

I stood silently between two Oak trees,
And what I saw and heard sent me to my knees.

A little boy stood with flowers in
one hand held so tight,
And his kitten in the circle of his
arm was holding on with all his might.

It was the sight as well as the words
that split my heart into a zillion pieces,
“Mommy, I miss you so much---and
so does my kitten Reeses.

We both cry at night when I say our prayers,
And I saw Daddy crying on the stairs.

We don’t know when you will come home,
We just know we are lonesome and alone.

And Daddy named a star after you
Mommy, it is named Maria,
He held Reeses and me up high
to see her.

It is a she star Mommy, just like you,
I hope it has your eyes of blue.

Here are some flowers now I leave
for you to take,
When you are up and awake.

Papa and Mimi are living with us now,
Until you come home---somehow.

Pastor Mathews said you are in Heaven,
Can you send me an email, Mommy, because
today I am seven?”

I watched him kiss the tombstone and then he
walked away,
To take the hand of a man whose hair was gray.

I could not move as lightning split the dark sky,
The rain fell hard and fast and all I could think of
was why?

Of all the mean and nasty people in this world who
no one would miss if they died,
Why take this little boy’s mommy---I will never
understand---I cried.

Then through the storm I heard a whisper---
that sent waves of chills up my spine,
“Because I needed a special Angel to watch over
all children and one who is divine.”

I wasn’t sure if what I heard----was what I heard---
but I left the cemetery with a smile,
As I watched the car with the little boy inside kissed
his Papa as they drove out of site,
I promised to visit on another day and
left as the darkness bloomed into night.

I would never forget the voice I heard in the
cemetery today,
Never ever---no way.

An Angelic Heart; Click Link Below to Read Poem---Thanks.

© BEPH  2012  All Rights Reserved

PurvisBobbi44 is the sole author of this poem and if it is seen anywhere else on the Internet or in print it was taken without my consent.