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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Valentine Viola Saves a Village

The year 799---North Village location---
on the Northern Sea,
It flourished in vegetables, fruits and a 
baby on every knee.

One foggy morning as mist rolled in thick 
on shore,
A fisherman found a maiden who floated 
onto the moor.

The villagers called her Valentine Viola
Because she had a heart-shaped birthmark 
on her cheek,
She was teased harshly and some even called 
her a freak.

But her secret of why she was really there---
she was an Angel with hidden wings,

She was placed there by Archangel Michael 
with her golden harp of many strings.

Her hair the color of honey and her eyes---
baby blue,
Viola's beauty outshone them all---inside 
her heart too.

Because Angels are always sent to protect 
and provide,
Not to worry, run or hide.

Few women villagers offered her kindness,
The other had ignorant blindness.
                                                                          Only she knew she was there to save them
from Vikings raids,

Even the strongest young village men could 
not defend against their long blades.

Months passed until Viola was alerted from 
The attacked would come at mid-night---no 
time for villager’s free-love.

When the sunset Viola’s took her harp to the 
Village Square,
So bold she stood with questioning eyes on her---
asking would she dare.

Her delicate fingers sailed across the strings,
Making sweet music so Heavenly it made ones 
heart sing.

Her music was hypnotic and all the villagers followed 
her in a trance,
Into a mountain cave deep within the earth, where they 
safely waited not taking a chance.

Outside the Vikings stole all they could carry back to 
their three ships,
But not one life was taken, and only praise towards 
Viola came from the villager’s lips.

The Viking never invaded that village again---they were 
spooked and spread the word it was haunted,

Because when they left with all they could steal---over-
night it disappeared and left them wanted.

When Viola led them out of the mountain cave---she 
told them to use it in the future if needed,

And they would find all their food, animals and possession 
safe at home and their gardens all seeded.

All the villagers’ cheers and thanked Viola as she watched 
each family depart,
A little sadly because she would be leaving she knew in her 

When a voice told her loud and clear---unfold your wings 
Viola Dear,
Because you are needed in---Heaven so please---come here.

One little girl who glanced back saw an Angel soaring to a
bright light,
She did not run or cry---because it was such a beautiful sight.

© BEPH 2014 All Rights Reserved

PurvisBobbi44 is the sole author of this poem and if it is seen anywhere else on
the Internet or in print it was taken without my consent.

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